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and Aliveness

are within your reach. 

A therapist is not a person you pay to care about you. 

A therapist is a person that is paid to help you learn how to care for yourself. 

Being a human can be tough. 

In this space we tell the truth.
We normalize the human experience.
We name things.
We call out trauma. 
We honor laughter and tears.
We celebrate courage, vulnerability, and resilience.
We befriend our nervous system. 
We focus on self exploration, healing past and present wounds, and build awareness. 
We grow in our skills to navigate the wild terrain of what it is to be human.
We not only create space to make sense of our past but we get curious about how to develop a deeply compassionate, embodied, and wholehearted life.
My name is Sarah Claire and I am so glad you are here. 

I am a Therapist and Life Coach ready to listen and come along side you in your journey towards wholeness.
At some point in all of our lives we will need support that comes from outside of a family member or friend to help navigate the complexities and challenges we face. 
I see and listen with a trauma informed lens.
I have a range of modalities that I offer including EMDR Trauma Resolution Therapy and Narrative Therapy. I am committed to providing clinically sound and empirically proven techniques that will assist you towards your goals.

What I Specialize In


Life Coaching 

EMDR Therapy

Pre-Marital Prepare & Enrich Counseling 

Addiction Specialization 

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.

- Brene Brown 

Sarah Claire is warm and wise. She not only has the tools to help me discover my life's passions, but her trustworthy spirit empowers me to become passionate in my spiritual, physical, relational and vocational endeavors. One session with her set me on a journey to invest in myself.  Seeing her continues to be a worthy investment. My hope is that more people experience this gift for themselves.



- Mary S. 

Online or phone appointments are also available.

Specialties include:


-Emotional Wellness


-Self Worth


-Burnout / Self Care 

-Life Transitions 



-Spiritual Confusion/ Trauma

-Christian Counseling 

-Relationship Struggles 

-Grief and Loss 

-Desire for Increased Self Awareness

-Emotional Abuse

-Disordered Eating/ Body Image

-Narrative Therapy 

My goal is to provide an understanding, compassionate, and empowering space to

process, grow, grieve, and thrive. 


                 Free phone
           consultation available 

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