Meet Sarah Claire 

Human, LMHC, MS, Therapist, Certified Life Coach

Asking for help and support does not have to be scary, something to be ashamed of, or stigmatized.

My Values-

I am a therapist who sees a therapist. I value doing the work myself and remaining curious, vulnerable, and accountable to my own inner healing and growth. 

I am committed to being a life long student and as I learn and grow and train I will bring what I'm learning into session.  ​

 I have a client/person centered, emotion focused, trauma informed, spiritually inspired, empathetic approach.

I am not the expert on you. You are. I am here to help excavate your true self and empower you in wisdom and wholehearted living. 

I am committed to providing clinically sound and empirically proven techniques that will assist you towards your goals.

My Contemplative Christian faith informs my spiritual journey and it also calls me to honor and respect yours. Spirituality and faith have many delicate nuances and I aim to hold that space with dignity and humility. 

Every person has a story that is worth being heard and I hope to listen well and support you as you begin or continue your journey.